Get teammates

Post "add me" bellow for example: "please add me, I'm a daily player, level 5"
Please first reply to other's posts saying you just sent them a friend request as so "friend request sent"

What are teammates and why you need them

Technically speaking, "teammates" are actually facebook friends playing criminal case. In the game's scope: teammates are helping parters. they help you progress faster in the game. they can give you items that you need that so that won't let you get stuck in the game. Without teammates your game progress will be intolerantly slower. this how teammates help you:
  • Getting energy
  • You can ask/request a teammate to give energy. if accepted, he can send you 1 or 2 energy. that means that if you have 10 teammates, you can receive 20 energy. just imagine what you can do with 100 teammates... in order to request energy, click the plus sign on the right of the energy bar and from the menu click "ask friends". get free energy once you receive the energy, you will get a notification in your "messages". also, when you invite one of your facebook friends to play criminal case, you get 10 energy ! get free energy for invited friends
  • Getting gift cards
  • this is not requested but given when a teammate is used. if not skipped a teammate can send another cards. these cards are later used to get other items/gifts. get free cards
  • Getting reports
  • When you finish a scene, in order to move on to the next one, you will need either to pay 20 game money or ask 3 of your teammates for those 3 reports. aren't we luck to have so many teammates so we don't have to pay real money? get free reports again, click "ask friend" to requests this from your teammates.
  • Getting hints
  • When you are in a scene and can't find an item, a partner (which is a teammate you choice when going to a scene) can give you up to 5 hints to find objects. it really helps when you need it and the clock is ticking. get free energy for invited friends
  • Getting juice
  • When your teammate reached a new level, he can send you some orange juice. get free juice
  • Getting a bag of chips
  • When your teammate gets promoted, he can send you a bag of chips. get free bag of chips

Where to find teammates

there are numerous facebook groups and pages that are targeted solely for the purpose of find teammates. they usually have the term "add me" in their name or theme, which refers to the action of adding a friend on facebook so you can later invite them to be your teammate in the game. you can also use the comments bellow to find facebook users looking for teammates, or better yet, post your own "add me" comment on this page.