Get teammates

Post "add me" bellow for example: "please add me, I'm a daily player, level 5"
Please first reply to other's posts saying you just sent them a friend request as so "friend request sent"

Why Should I invite my friends to play the game?

You get 3 main benefits by inviting your friends to play CSI: Hidden Crimes: Offering gifts (and receiving some too!) & showing you�re a good teammate; Exchanging Energy with them to play longer; Adding them as teammates to get additional GOLDEN WORDS when exploring a scene, hence higher score & faster progression in the game!

How do I invite my friends to play the game?

If you are connected with Facebook, you can invite any of your friends to download and play CSI: Hidden Crimes! Here are 5 ways to do so: Via the TEAMMATE interface (available through the MAP buttons); By asking Friends for Energy (available through the ADD ENERGY buttons); Via the SCORE screen leaderboard; Via the SELECT A PARTNER screen (just before investigating a Crime Scene);